15 things students trying to be healthy and fit in college have done


1. Brought an avocado to the dining hall.

No meal is complete without an avocado. Especially salads. So if the dining won’t provide them, then we will.

2. Had an obsession with peanut butter.

Do I even need to explain? We all love peanut butter. There’s so many Instagram accounts that have peanut butter in their name. @eating_peanut_butter¬†and @powerdbypeanutbutter¬†are two of my favs.

3. Wondered why it took our friends 4 hours to respond the text we sent that morning. Then realized not everyone wakes up at 6 to workout.

We love sleep. But we also love working out. Sadly, for many of us early mornings are the best/only time we can.We forget others don’t live the same lifestyle.

4. Resisted ordering takeout.

Or given in and ordered some. We try to eat healthy, but it’s hard when friends don’t. And cooking food takes time+effort.

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5. Passed on the can of beer.

Beer gut? No thanks. There’s an average¬†of 150¬†calories in a single can. That’s 150¬†calories that we don’t need. Sticking to no nonsense shots and light mixed drinks is the way to go. That’s if we¬†don’t end up in the gym on Friday night, which is possible.

5. Worked out in our dorm room.

We’ve all done them. Sometimes you just cant find the time to make it to the gym. Or maybe it’s -5 degrees outside and you don’t want to walk. Whatever the reason, we all have found ourselves working out in the dorms one time or another.

It’s funny when your roommate walks in to find you lying on the ground doing planks.

7. Carried a water bottle everywhere.

Our water bottle is like our best friend. It never leaves our side. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

8. Struggled to avoid all of the free junk food offered on campus. Why don’t clubs give out healthy food instead?

Free pizza on the quad? #avoid. This is a pet peeve of mine. If freshman 15 is such a big problem, why do colleges offer so much free junk food? I wish clubs gave out healthy food instead of pizza and cupcakes. Shout out to clubs like Raw FSU who gave out sweet potato fries during their first meeting. We need more positive examples like them.

9. Taken a picture of our insta-worthy smoothie bowl.

Confession time: I’ve never made a smoothie bowl.¬†I’m more of a yogurt bowl person.

Did I mention how much we love peanut butter?^

10. Spent an entire Sunday meal prepping.

Good food takes time. It’s easier to eat healthy during the week if the foods already prepared and in the fridge.

11. Eaten dark chocolate, fruit and protein bars as dessert.

If something is healthy, can it still be considered dessert? For us, the answer is yes. They satisfy our sweet tooth and help fuel or body. Win-win.

Personally I don’t eat¬†protein bars. I try to avoid everything processed.

12. “Borrowed” food from the dining hall.

We make the most out of our meal plans. From loading our to-go boxes to stuffing our backpacks with fruit. Sometimes we’re even known smuggle things out in¬†Tupperware.

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13. Grabbed some quick overnight oats before our 8 am.

My new obsessionūüėć They taste so good. It’s hard to wait until the morning to eat them. There’s so many fun varieties- from simple banana and PB to turmeric golden milk.

14. Been told “You’re so healthy, I wish I could eat like that” by friends.

We all have those friends who see us eating healthy, working out, etc and saying they wish they could live like that. But then they do nothing. I want to show them that they can! It’s possible. Yes, it’s hard to live healthy, but anyone¬†can do it. And it’s so worth it. We need to help motivate each other.

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15. Realized the true meaning on #treatyoself.

we feel great because we give our body the food, sleep, and training it needs to function. yes, we may still wake up groggy some mornings but on the whole our body thanks us for what we do.

Until next time my adventurous foodie friends,



6 Tips for Eating Healthy in Your College Dining Hall

The dining hall, home of the freshman fifteen. Unlimited food. Unlimited cookies, pizza, ice cream, fries, etc. Whatever your guilty pleasure is. Eating healthy in the dining hall seemed impossible when I arrived at FSU last semester.

The salad bar quickly became my best friend. Salads tasted good and healthy, but left me wondering why I was hungry 30 minutes later. They also quickly become boring.

Over time, I established a dining hall routine that worked well. By following these steps, I was able to feel full and have energy to sustain me throughout the rest of the day.

Here are the 6 steps for eating healthy in your college dining hall:

1. Explore all of your options.

Don’t go for the fried chicken just because it’s the first thing you see. Walk around the dining hall. Eventually, you’ll notice that certain areas tend to serve healthier foods. Most colleges have a “home-style” section. That’ll be your best bet.

If you’re especially prepared some colleges have¬†a website for pre-planning your meals prior to arriving at the dining hall. If you’re from FSU, like me, you can find the¬†menu for The Suwannee Room here¬†and¬†Fresh Food Company¬†here.

fresh bio range land filet beef

2. Pick a protein.

Try for grilled, non-fried stuff. Most dining halls will have something of the sort, you just have to get creative. For example if there’s hamburgers, get one without the bun. I’ve eaten hamburgers on salads (hamburger salad!) multiple times.

3. Fill your plate with veggies.

If there are cooked veggies then go for those. You’ll probably be having salad frequently so you’ll want to mix it up as much as possible. If there’s no cooked veggies that you like and you’re bored with salads, ¬†grab some plain veggies (cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, etc) from the salad bar. If there’s a hummus station, even better.


4. Grab a fruit. Or two, or three, or four.

I’ve found that when I eat fruit at the end of a¬†meal, I don’t want dessert. Avoiding the chocolate chip cookies and smore’s brownies ¬†is never a bad thing.

If you don’t eat the fruit bring it back to your dorm with you. Fruits are great healthy snacks to have on hand.

5. Sit far away from the desert section.

I would have a picture of desserts for this, but that’s a¬†temptation we don’t need.

You shouldn’t be able to see the desert section from where you’re sitting. Try to get it out of your line of sight. Sit on the other side of the dinning hall. The less reasons you have to think about sweets, the easier it will be to not eat¬†them.


6. Drink lots of water!

Drinking water before and during your meal will help you to fill up easier. Lots of time people won’t drink enough water and then they’ll overeat to compensate for it. I try to drink at least a full cup of water prior to eating. Carrying around a water bottle during the day will help as well.

If you follow these 6 steps, you should be well on your way to eating healthy in the dining hall! It not always the easiest, but a little bit of effort goes a long way. Your body will thank you.

Until next time…

Love always,

Kelly Lynn

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The 5 Keys to Being Healthy and Happy at College (+ACV Detox Drink Recipe)

Hey ya’ll how’s it going?

Yesterday¬†was FSU’s first home game and boy was it a blast! We crushed the Charleston Southern Buccaneers. The whole stadium went wild whenever we got a touchdown (which was a lot). Everyone around me was got lots¬†hugs and high fives. When you’re happy and you know it, you gotta share it right?

College is truly a great experience. Sometimes, though, it’s an experience that’s not to beneficial for your body. From late night insomnia cookies to that frat party that didn’t end so well, we all need a little R&R and detoxing.

I’ve got five¬†little bits of advice that I have used to keep myself healthy and sane. They all revolve around being present and listening to your body. Maybe all 5 won’t be necessary for you. Listen to what your body is telling you it needs and act accordingly.

The 5¬†things I’ve done to stay healthy and sane so far this semester:

1. Get enough sleep.

If you get less than eight hours of sleep, you are squeezing in a nap somewhere. If find that if I nap after 3, I can’t go to sleep until like 1 or 2, so unless you’re going out try to hit the pillow before then.


2. Eat good healthy food. And lots of it.

So many of my friends skip meals. Your body needs nourishment. The best way to¬†avoid the junk food is to make sure you’re filled up with good stuff. If you skip lunch, you’re much more likely to attack that pack of Oreos your roommate left sitting out in your dorm.

Try to eat healthy, wholesome foods too. Eating nutritious meals¬†is¬†key to being able to¬† last through an entire day of classes and then go to sports clubs afterwards. Eating the right foods will give you the energy you need to live the life you want. On the side, it’s also great for your completion.

3. Exercise.

Exercise curbs stress. It prevents¬†bad eating habits. It helps you sleep better at night. Why wouldn’t you exercise? Join a club. Most colleges have plenty of sports clubs ranging from soccer to rock climbing. There’s something for everyone. If that’s not for you, check out your local gym. My gym, The Leech, has yoga classes. They’re ah-mazing!

If your issue is not enough time, try to squeeze in at least a 5 minute jog. Or walk¬†to your classes instead of riding the bus.¬†Here’s a quick¬†body weight workout that you can spread throughout the day from Nerd fitness.¬†This workout plan allows you to spread out your exercise throughout the day. Finish your lunch early? Squeeze in 5 push ups. Your meeting doesn’t start for another 30 seconds? 100 squats. Or maybe just 1. It all counts.

I’ve also found that getting up earlier helps with working out. Now I wake up at 6:30 and do yoga for an hour. In addition to getting a workout in, my day feels so much longer and I am more productive.

4. Go out.

Meet people! Be outgoing, spontaneous, friendly! In college everyone is looking for friends. It’s a hard time because you’re all alone, but in reality everyone is alone. You’re all alone together! That environment makes it so easy to foster new friendships. Even if you really miss your dog, or your mom, or your best friend, go out and interact with people. Meeting new people will help you get your mind off whatever is dragging you down. It’ll be refreshing and energizing, trust me.

Also, don’t be that wild freshman that goes out every night and comes in hung over to their 8 am class. Don’t do it. Don’t be that guy. Have your fun, but get your sleep too. IF you do decide that type of “going out” is for you, be safe. Perhaps try to limit those escapades to once, maybe twice a week? I’ve found that two¬†nights per week of getting back at 5:00 am is enough¬†for me.


5. Take some alone time.

I know I just said to go out, but also take some time in. In the craziness of college, it’s important to find some you-time. IF you’re always with people your inner voice may get drowned out. Reconnect with who you are. It’s great to get caught up in the moment sometimes, but eventually you’ll need to ground yourself back down. It is in these moments that your body will speak to you. It’ll tell you if it’s tired, sick, hungry, lonely, happy, etc. Let these feelings and emotions rise to the surface. Don’t hide from them and don’t ignore them. Feel what needs to be felt and then, if anything is off, make an action plan to fix it.¬†Be present and listen to what your body is telling you.

Follow these five tips and you’ll be ready to tackle anything college has to throw at you. Everything is easier if you have taken care of yourself.¬†Treat. Yo. Self.

One fun way to get some R&R is to have an at-home spa day. You can do this either alone or with some gal pals.

Here are four of my favorite DIY Spa Recipes:

DIY Natural Lavender Lotion Bars

Honey+Oatmeal Detox Face Mask

Homemade Hand Scrub

Bentonite Clay Hair Mask


During your spa day, you need something to sip on right? Detox from inside out?


Here’s a little Apple Cider Vinegar Detox drink that I love to whip up. It’s the perfect thing for right after an early morning jog. I’ve also found that if you heat it up, it’s great before bed too.


Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Morning Detox Drink by The Primal Nole

Time: 30 seconds

Cost per serving: $0.31

Kitchen Supplies: Microwave optional


1 long squirt of honey (2 tsp) – $0.12

3 shakes of cinnamon (1/2 tsp) – $0.09

5 second pour of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) (2 tsp) – $0.10

1 glass of water (12 oz)- $0.00


  1. Pour yourself a nice glass of water. I prefer to use a mason jar instead of a regular cup. It makes me feel more down to earth. If you’re drinking this before bed (also delicious), heat in the microwave for approximately one minute.
  2. Add in the rest of the ingredients. If you’re using a mason jar, put the top on and shake it up. If not, use a spoon to stir the ingredients around a little bit.
  3. Enjoy. Store any leftover in the refrigerator.

Ooo la la. Delicious. It feels so good to be cleansed and healthy from the inside out.


Get outside, go for a morning jog and then finish off with this delicious detox drink. What better way is there to spend a morning?

Best of luck!


Love always,



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6 Items For Your College Dorm Weather Emergency Kit

No one expected to be spending Labor Day weekend slow roasting in the 80 degree dorms as they waited for the power to finally come back on.

Hurricane Hermine took us all by surprise. We knew she was coming, but we did not know she would be leaving us without power for two days. While everyone else was stocking up on non-perishable goods, I had decided that this was a great time to buy a bunch of fresh veggies and raw chicken. Sadly, only a pepper and some Brussel sprouts survived.

Downloading¬†The Red Cross disaster apps¬†is a great way to know what’s coming your way and when. I mainly¬†heard about the hurricane¬†by word of mouth (hence why I didn’t think it would be that bad and filled my fridge with perishable items). With the apps, you can be much more prepared than I was.

Next time there’s a power outage I’ll make sure I’m better prepared. No one warned me that emergency weather was still a thing I should be concerned about while at college. I suppose it’s a given, but “emergency weather¬†supplies” was certainly not included on my college packing list.

There are several things you’ll need to consider when preparing for an emergency.

  1. What type of emergency could happen? Are you in an area that is prone to hurricanes (like me)? Or one that’s prone to blizzards? Or tornados, earthquakes, etc.
  2. Is there a chance the power will go out? Does your dorm or apartment have a generator? Even if they do, the generator generally won’t cover all electrical appliances.
  3. How long could you possibly be without power or the ability to go outside your dorm/apartment?

Keeping these three things in mind, take my list with a grain of salt and add onto it according to your specific needs.

From now on, I will make sure to include these 6 things on my packing list:

1. Flashlight.

Light becomes a finite resource without power. I was lucky to have a flashlight that I brought for the first-year wilderness experience, otherwise I would have been forced to go to the bathroom in the dark.

Even better than a flashlight is¬†a cute little lantern. They a cute decoration¬†when there isn’t an emergency, but they really come in handy when there is. My roommate had one that looked like this:



$29.99- Try as I Light Lantern in White from Modcloth.com

I stayed up the one night reading with it and listening to the rain. Who said having no power couldn’t be¬†relaxing?

2. Nonperishable food

The chicken, shredded cabbage, and kombucha that I bought the morning the storm hit all went bad within a day. Don’t do what I did. Buy nonperishable items.

It’s hard to say what exactly to buy because most paleo items go bad relatively quickly. For some ideas check out¬†my post,¬†10 Paleo Snacks You can take Through Airport Security. Everything on the list, except for the cucumbers, can last at least a day or two without refrigeration. If you want something to stick in a box¬†and not look at until you need it,¬†Larabars¬†and¬†Epic Bars¬†will do the job.

As for actual meals…if you are able to do some last minute shopping here are two ideas:

A good powerful (powerless) breakfast is chia seed pudding. I opened a can of coconut milk the first morning without power to make the pudding. I put the leftover coconut milk in the freezer (which had stopped running) and hoped that the remaining chill would keep it cold. I also surrounded it with my roommates freezie pops and the two ice packs I had brought. It was still cool and fresh 36 hours later when our power returned.

For lunch, I ate avocado tuna. All you need to do is to mash 1 half of an avocado with one can of tuna and viola, instant meal. Make sure to eat all of it because that certainly would not keep long with no refrigeration.

3. Bottled water

During an weather emergency, you frequently will not have access to clean drinking water. Because the power went out the water filtration system in the dorms was down. Fortunately my roommate’s parents had loaded us up with a 64 pack of water bottles before they left.

Another option is to simply fill up a bunch of water bottles prior to losing power or becoming trapped inside.


4. Something to pass the time

The two books and the pack of cards I brought with me to college truly came in handy. If¬†the power goes out your electronics will only hold on for so long. Suddenly all of those things that you had to do on your phone or laptop disappear. IT’s a weird feeling to be bored. One that I have rarely experienced.

Make sure you have something to do that does not require power to operate. If you are able to go outside, a ball or frisbee is a great thing to have as well. I found staying inside and reading to be quite enjoyable.

5. Cell Phone PowerBank

Suddenly PowerBanks aren’t just for when you go on a camping trip or a long Pokemon Go adventure. These power banks could keep your phone up and running for the duration of a power outage. You can find them for as cheap as $3 here.

Having a phone charged is nice not only because you can still check social media, but also so you can assure your family you’re alright. My family was extremely worried about me during the power outage from Hurricane Hermine.¬†Because of the PowerBank I was able to keep in touch with them and assure them I was still alive.

Receiving weather and power restoration updates is another reason why it’s important to keep your phone charged. I was able to know what was happening with the hurricane and roughly when I was supposed to receive power because the PowerBank kept my phone alive.

6. Cash

If the power outage is bad enough, no restaurants or stores will be able to use the credit card machines. On the second day of no power, some friends and I went hot food hunting. They really wanted pizza, but most of the restaurants were only accepting cash. It took us awhile to find a shop that had the credit machines working.


These are the 6 things that I found I needed most during the aftermath of hurricane Hermine. For more information, you can check out American Red Cross. This week has most definitely been an adventure. Classes starting and a hurricane definitely don’t go together. But it has turned out to be an adventure that I’ll never forget.

I wish you a wonderful day and until next time…

Love always,



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FSU Outdoor Pursuits First-Year Wilderness Experience Review

The FSU¬†First-Year Wilderness Experience¬†was an absolute blast. Take 9 complete strangers, 3 canoes and 40 miles to paddle and 4 days later you’ll end up with one of the tightest group of friends¬†you’ll ever meet.¬†When I walked back to my dorm after my first¬†FSU Outdoor Pursuits¬†trip, I¬†felt like I had a new family.

10/10 would recommend this trip to incoming first-years. Even if you’ve had no paddling experience at all, the benefits you reap from spending days out in nature with a group of new friends are endless.

Here are a few of my favorite things from the trip:

  • The Numerous Rope Swings that Lined the River

There were rope swings of every size and shape on the side of the river. Many of the people on my trip had never tried a rope swing before, but by the end of it they were all killing it. The drop heights ranged from barely 5 feet to over 20 feet. We probably saw over 30 rope swings by the time the trip was over. There was a swing for every level of adventurer.


  • The Jumping Sturgeon

Signs like the one above were scattered all throughout the river. About every 30 minutes or so a giant 3 foot long fish would jump out of the water. It was amazing to see them flap around in the air. It was a little scary to know that we were swimming in the water with them, but as far as I know they’re gentle giants.

  • Our campsite the first night

The first night, my group camped out on a beach. The site was like one that you would find on a famous travel or adventure blog. It was beyond perfect. We stayed up late that night, talking by the fire and watching the stars. I saw more stars that night than I had ever seen before, the sky was overflowing with them!

  • Late nights talking with my group

Each night, the group would stay up talking and sharing stories about themselves. You get to know each other pretty well when you’re stranded in the wilderness together for four days. The members of my group knew things about me that some of my best friends back home didn’t know.


Me swimming in one of the gorgeous springs we found.

  • The Springs

The second, third and fourth days were filled with swim-breaks in the springs that lined the river. The water in the springs was much cooler than the river water, so it was perfect for a swim break. Imagine going from a hot tub to a regular pool, that was what the difference in water temperature between the river and spring felt like.

Each of the springs also contained perfectly clear water. The river itself was the color of maple syrup from all of the pine sap. You could see where the springs met the river, because there was a clear divide in water color. The clear water was perfect for exploring the underwater caves and tunnels that the springs often contained.


Those are my top five highlights from the trip. Overall the trip was amazing, but there were a three things that were a little bit off.

  • Limited Food

By day 4 we had nothing left for breakfast except a handful of Cheerios, half a thing of peanut butter and four instant oatmeal packets. That was supposed to feed four people breakfast. I ate three spoonfuls of chunky peanut butter, one spoonful of oatmeal and approximately 10 cheerios.

Sometimes we had lunch and sometimes we didn’t. We were however, given two granola bars and a full bag of trail mix to snack on. Even with harsh rationing, my bag only lasted me until the second night.

On the bright side, we did stop at an amazing barbecue place on the way back to FSU. I’m not sure if the food tasted great because we were starving or because it actually tasted great, but either way it was the best barbecue I’d ever had.

To sum it up, I’d highly recommend bringing a few snacks of your own. Maybe an¬†Epic Bar¬†or two? Or three?

  • Uneven Distribution of Mileage

We paddled 2 miles the first day. 9 miles the second day. 18 miles the third day and 6 miles the last day.

That 18 mile day was killer. The 2 mile day was way too easy. This wasn’t a big problem and most likely had to do with where the designated camping sites were.

  • The¬†Packing List

When you get that packing list feel free to elaborate on it. Many people didn’t bring their eno because it wasn’t on it. I brought my eno anyway and it was very nice to have.¬†It was perfect to relax in after that 18 mile day. There were numerous others things that were missing, but just use common sense and you should be all right.


In conclusion, this was a great experience. Being out in nature helped me to de-stress prior to starting¬†the college life. I’d recommend it to all incoming freshman who are looking for a little outdoor adventure.

Happy college-ing!

Love always,



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The 10 Items on My First College Grocery Store List

This Thursday I had to say goodbye to my parents for the last time until parents weekend. Seeing them leave was weird. They gave me a hug goodbye and were gone. I was all alone in my dorm room. Well, not really. Technically my two roommates were there with me, but the feeling of being oddly alone was still there.

FSU has had so many events that I have been kept too busy to really think about the lack of my family. Thursday¬†night Doug Thompson, a famous¬†hypnotist, put on a show for the students. I was one of the volunteers that got hypnotized! I can’t really describe how I felt when I was “under his spell,” but random strangers have been recognizing me all over campus. They say that I was hilarious. That’s good, right?

On Thursday, I also made my first excursion to the grocery store. My parents, prior to them leaving, drove me out to the nearest Whole Foods Market to pick up some items that I I needed to keep feed for the semester.

And no, instant ramen is not on the list.You can read about that here if you really must.

This list isn’t your typical college grocery store list. I intend to be well-feed, nourished and healthy while in college. The dining halls at FSU are surprisingly healthy seeming, but sometimes I just want something that I know is all-natural.

For the first trip, I wanted to cover all of the basics without getting to extensive. I wanted to be able to have quick and easy breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners. I also made sure to stock up on some items that may be harder to find once I didn’t have access to my parents’ car.

Here’s the list of the 10 things I bought on my first trip to the grocery store:


1. Eggs

The ideal breakfast food. They’re easy to whip up in a microwave in under 5 minutes

For breakfast, put two eggs in a microwave safe bowl, whisk them up with a fork, and then microwave them for a minute. After a minute, use a fork to stir them around a little bit more and then put them in for another minute. Then stir them up again. If needed, put them in for an additional 30 seconds, but typically 2 minutes does the job.

I find that putting 1/4 cup of coconut milk and a sprinkle of dried rosemary in the eggs prior to cooking adds a delicious flavor. The coconut also provides a good source of healthy fats.

2. Frozen Vegetable of choice

I decided that having a pre-cut and cooked vegetable on hand that simple needed defrosting would be extremely convenient to add onto meals. I bought broccoli, but any vegetable would work.


3. Canned Tuna Fish

Tuna fish mashed with avocado is a filling and nutritious lunch or dinner. To make, simply mash up 1 half of an avocado. Then mix in 1 can of tuna. Chopped onion, cilantro, jalapeno, lemon juice and¬†lime juice taste great as mix ins. But if you’re living on a budget and¬†with limited room like me, they aren’t necessary. This recipe is a power house of protein and good fat that cannot be passed up.

It’s important to buy the right kind of tuna fish, Eatingwell.com has 3 great tips that could come in handy. I prefer to buy¬†Wild Planet’s¬†canned skipjack tuna (with no salt or liquids added).

4. Avocado

Besides tasting great mashed up with tuna, this can also be used as a snack or an addition to any meal. I found healthy fats to be lacking in the FSU cafeteria, so I made sure to have some accessible in my dorm room.

5. Carrots

Baby carrots are the perfect snacking food. I had some on Friday with my breakfast as well. They are healthy and take no effort to prepare.

6. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes can be easily cooked in a microwave in about 5 minutes. I wash mine off, poke a few holes in it using a fork and then cook it on top of a paper towel. Sweet potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates, especially in a post-workout meal.

I like to eat these guys as a snack or as an addition to the tuna fish avocado meal.


7. Chia Seeds

While chia seeds can be expensive, there are a ton of health benefits to eating them. Moreover, a typical serving of chia seeds is only 1-2 tablespoons, so that $10 16 oz bag  will last you awhile. Side note: I bought my bag of chia seeds in Whole Foods for $18 only to find the same bag online for only 10.

I intend to make chia seed pudding  for a quick and healthy breakfast. To make the pudding, you mix 2 tbsp of seeds with a half cup of coconut milk. You can use almond milk or water as well. From here there are many different variations, but I like to put cinnamon in my pudding. This post from Wellness Mama explains many more variations.After adding the mix-ins, refrigerate the pudding overnight (or at least 4 hours). In the morning, I like to add fresh fruit (particularly blueberries and raspberries).

Chia seed pudding is ideal for a quick breakfast before an 8 am class. I intend to make mine up the night before and then just grab-n-go the morning after.

8. Coconut Milk

This is essential for the chia seed pudding and it also tastes great in the eggs as a breakfast food. If you want to drink it plain, go for it. Coconut milk is also great in DIY hair and skin masks.

9. Cinnamon

In addition to tasting great in the chia seed pudding, I love putting it on sliced bananas. On Wednesday night I grabbed banana from the dining hall at dinner. The next morning I cut it into slices and sprinkled some cinnamon on them. It was a perfect addition to my breakfast of eggs and carrots.



10.  Pistachios

I wasn’t expecting to buy pistachios when I went to the store, but when does anyone ever come out with just what they went in to buy? I certainly don’t. When I saw a bag of these sitting on the shelf, I knew I had to buy them. Pistachios are¬†a great source of healthy fat and a perfect snack. After unpacking I needed a snack that would give me an energy boost-¬†these pistachios did the job!


That concludes my initial college grocery store list. I’ve already begun the process of looking for grocery stores within walking distance. Yesterday¬†I went on a jog to a supposed grocery store that turned out to be a restaurant. Those of you who follow me on¬†Twitter¬†know about that.

I’m considering buying groceries online and having them shipped to campus. I may have to do that for some of the more unusual items like chia seeds and coconut milk.

While searching around on Yelp for grocery stores, I did discover what looks to be a cute little cafe and supermarket called Bread and Roses Food Cooperative. I’m planning to check that out sometime in the next week!

I hope your first week of college has been as fun!

Love always,



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Restaurant Review: Marion Street Deli and Pub

Hey ya’ll,

College move in day for FSU officially starts tomorrow. Is everybody ready? I am!

40 miles of paddling, tons of rope swings, many cliff jumps and one new family later, I’m finally back in the FSU dorms to stay. My¬†First-Year Wilderness Experience Trip¬†with FSU Outdoor Pursuits ended today. It was an absolute blast. 10/10 would recommend.

We all got back to the dorms around 4. It’s a bit quiet here because hardly anyone is here. the dining halls aren’t even open! I straight chilled in my bed the whole entire timed ate a few snacks for dinner. I was totally exhausted. Paddling in the sun all day is harder than I expected, but the friends¬†and experiences I gained¬†made the work worth it.

There will be so many new and exciting experiences coming over the new few months, I cannot wait to dive in.

For anyone driving to Tallahassee from Jacksonville, I have a delicious mid-trip restaurant recommendation.


The Marion Street Deli and Pub

The perfect lunch spot, halfway to Tally from Jacksonville

281 N Marion Ave, Lake City, FL 32055

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.39.57 PM

This Pub and Deli was the perfect spot to stop for lunch. It’s a beautiful restaurant with¬†attentive¬†service and delicious food.

The Highlight: They had a special gluten free section of the menu that was perfect for anyone who wants something light, healthy and delicious. You can find it on the bottom right-hand side of this menu.


I ordered the Miso Quinoa & Seasonal Veggie Bowl with Chicken. The sauce was a little sweet, but overall it was good eats. The veggies, zucchinis and carrots, tasted farm-fresh. It was a light and quick meal- perfect for on the go.


My grandma, who was dropping me off at FSU,¬†ordered¬†the MSPD Power bowl. The bowl is a heavenly combo of fried eggs, chicken, black bean salsa, sweet potato, cheese, avocado, corn and onions. 11/10 would recommend this meal. It was a little bit on the heavier side, but if you’re hungry that’s not a problem. I helped her devour this meal, I couldn’t resist.


The service at Marion was quick. Our waitress was attentive and checked on us frequently. When we told her we were traveling, she brought us out waters in to-go styrofoam cups without us even asking. She even brought a plastic cup with two lemons for the waters. without us even asking.

Overall, eating at this restaurant was a delightful experience. I’m looking forwards to the next time I drive to through Lake City, so that I can stop at Marion Street Pub and Deli again.

For all of my restaurant recommendations be sure to check out my yelp account.

That’s all until next time. Happy college-ing!

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